Our machining is manufactured under a very strict quality process that guarantees its durability, resistance, and tolerance.

We can manage from one piece to high volumes.

We have professionals that are in charge of supervising that all the pieces are elaborated in time and properly, besides granting the best finishes integrating laser cut in the production process.

With this service, we can offer aggregated value to your laser cut pieces such as: l



We expand the diameter of a whole or cylindrical well extracting solid material drilling rotary helicoidally screw. All of our barrens fulfill the quality requirements in the modern industry.


Drill machining

We elaborate round screw ropes on different metals by straight drills or helicoidally.



Abrasion process to eliminate material of a metallic piece with the purpose of shaping and modeling it, to get a high-quality surface finish.


screw hob

Precise shape from the top of the wholes that eases the entrances of the rivets heads, screws and male screw rope.



Cut or reduction in one or more interior or exterior edges of a piece to increase entry spectrum of weld cord, eases the entrance of axes in wholes, eliminate burrs from a previous cut and soften the esthetic of the worked pieces.



Machining operation to achieve a good surface finish. It also serves to enlarge the holes that have been drilled with a smaller diameter drill.